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The skin whitening and anti-ageing skincare products developed by the research team led by Professor Zhang Hongjie (middle), Director of Gihon Biotech Limited, received the Sliver Medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions 2022.


Excessive exposure to sunlight not only darkens our skin, but its UV irradiation also generates harmful substances including free radicals that damage our skin, and exposure can even lead to the development of melanoma, a type of skin cancer. Gihon’s research team has discovered a specific class of natural compounds in the Dendrobium plants used in Chinese herbal medicine. It can achieve skin whitening and protection as well as anti-ageing effects by inhibiting the formation of melanin and eliminating harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

Gihon has produced skincare products based on their investigations and put the products on the market. Patents have been granted in Singapore, Malaysia, China, the US and Taiwan.

The Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions is a signature global annual event devoted exclusively to inventions. This year’s competition was held online in March. Around 800 inventions from 25 countries were evaluated on virtual platforms by a panel of professional judges.

(Original news from HKBU news: https://bunews.hkbu.edu.hk/news/people/hkbu-research-projects-clinch-awards-at-the-geneva-international-exhibition-of-inventions)